There are some rooms in your property that are exposed to a lot of moisture. This is mainly through steam, so these rooms are usually the kitchen and bathrooms.

Walls can be damaged by excess moisture. So it is vital to coat them with an appropriate product so you don’t get things like water marks, stains, mould and peeling.

If you’re painting your bathroom or kitchen but don’t know which product to choose, we can help. We’ve made a list of paints to choose and paints to avoid if you want to coat a moisture-prone wall.


Eggshell paint

Eggshell paint is a good paint for moisture-prone walls. It has a low-sheen appearance that is hardwearing and relatively resistant to humidity. Eggshell paint can be cleaned and is perfect for bathroom and kitchen walls.

Satin and semi-gloss paints

Satin and semi-gloss paints are also superb for walls in rooms with high moisture levels. They both have a fairly glossy, reflective finish, but semi-gloss paints are shinier than satin finishes. So for people who prefer a matte finish, satin paints are the better choice.

Both satin and semi-gloss paints resist moisture and mould. They can also be cleaned with damaging the finish.


Glossy finishes

The glossier the paint, the more hardwearing and water resistant it is. Even so, glossy paints are not a particularly good choice for kitchen and bathroom walls. Higher-gloss paint is really reflective, which makes it resemble plastic or enamel. This can highlight any wall or paint imperfections and look low-quality and tacky.

Matte paints

Matte paints are very popular with property owners as they’re effortless to touch up and aren’t very reflective. However, they’re easily damaged by moisture so are not appropriate for bathrooms and kitchens.

That said, if you really want to use matte paints on your kitchen and bathroom walls, you can apply a sealant over them that will reduce moisture damage without adding a shiny finish. You can also get primers that will help to keep your walls dry.

Specialist bathroom or kitchen paints

Specialist bathroom and kitchen paints are tough. They are undoubtedly good at resisting moisture and mould. However, if the moisture levels in your rooms are so high that satin or semi-gloss paints aren’t enough, you are considerably better off revising your ventilation system than buying specialist paints. You can make your ventilation system better by installing a quality extractor fan if you haven’t already got one. You should also think about getting a dehumidifier.

So now you should know which paints to use to on a moisture-prone wall. Using a suitable paint will mean that your kitchen and bathroom walls will look better for longer. You also won’t waste time and money redoing them.

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